Have your coupe converted to a fastback!

Here is what you get using new Dynacorn parts. :

Fastback roof

Roof brace

Full fastback quarter panels

Tail light panel

Filler panel

Trap door housing. Trap door not included

Fastback trunk lid  with new hinges.

On the inside we make these parts:

All interior rear brackets so your panels can be installed.

All brackets for you to install your rear seat.

Side inner structure for stronger body supports.

All parts are welded in better than factory. The areas are then epoxy primmer painted. The body will not bemedia blasted like the refurbished conversions. No bondo or lead filler used unless you pay for this option. See pictures on how the exterior panels look. These are assembled like the factory.


Rear quarter extensions (end caps) $160 Installed

Rear valance ( standard or gt with exhaust holes) $160 installed

Lead and bondo fill 4 areas where the quarter panels meets the roof and also the windshield pillars. $600


All wiring from the dash back.

The front and rear glass including stainless molding

The rear tail lights and trunk. Leave the hinges on.

Remove all seats and carpeting.

Remove headliner and all side interior panels.

It is up to you to remove dash and components. Welding

may cause damage to interior parts and exterior paint.

Not responsible for any damage!

480-292-5426 ecalvetti@cox.net


1967 Mustang Fastback for sale 302 with automatic!







100% Guaranteed there is no way to tell the difference by looking at the body!

 The only way to be for certain is by checking out the vin code or looking at the interior structure. There is a support brace from the door jam to the inner wheel house. The factory fastback DID NOT have this. This adds to the structure along with a 2nd roof brace. The factory only put in 1. For those of you that want to install a high torque motor extra bracing like this will help. This conversion is done will all new sheet metal like what the factory did.  Included is a new roof, full fastback quarter panels, new filler panel, new tail light panel, end caps inner and a trap door housing. Some of the conversions you have seen on the market are done by cutting the roof off a coupe and using a roof from a fastback. Get serious! Using a roof from a 40 year old car may have metal fatigue and is not the way to go!  This conversion is different from ones we normally do because this is a running driving car. It has a 302 strong motor with an automatic. It has a 4bb carb and has the factory radio. Nothing special. Not even power steering. It will need work to make it perfect. It will need all new glass and complete new interior. The doors and front end are original to the car and need some body work to finish. It is finished off with Epoxy primmer to seal it. It comes with a good CA title. The car is yours to finish.

$15500  Buys this car!  Call us at 480-292-5426   SOLD


The interior has all the brackets so you can mount a standard rear seat or a fold down seat. All the side brackets are installed so you can mount the side panels to complete the interior.  It even has the holes pre drilled for the headliner bows.  The car has the GT hood with the turn signal lights.  There is no front bumper that comes with the car but included are the 4 mounting bracket supports. It also has a new front lower valance. It will need passenger glass. It has the original window regulators and the fastback glass mounts to them. It has all the studs to mount the front and rear glass trim.  As you can see in the pictures the trunk floor is new. The car also has dual exhaust.

Contact us for other info at 480-292-5426  Desert Classic Mustangs Located in Scottsdale, Az 85251