Desert Classic  is a Scottsdale, AZ company that specializes in restored body shells to a completed car built your way. You can send us your car or we can supply one that we would restore the body using specially built reinforcement structures so the car can handle the upgraded horsepower and torque you'll want for your custom build. Most factory cars can only handle so much power before the structure becomes weak and stressed. Most builders don't offer this because they they think the frame can handle extra abuse. Contact us about what you want done. We offer suspension and performance packages to suit your needs. We custom build cars from the 60's and 70's. Check us out for Right Hand Drive Mustangs and Camaros! Read below about us.


If you notice most builders have this section where they brag about everything you want to hear. Talk about all the trophy's they have won, all the cool builds, all the cars they have sent to Barrett Jackson and so on.
For us, none of that. We are hard core workers that love what we do and love the challenge.  We have turned down 2 offers to do reality shows.  Get serious!  We are not putting on a circus act and listening to the directors telling us what the TV viewers want to see.  No showroom here to impress people, no clean floors, none of that. Its noisy, dirty, parts are all over, hammers pounding, yelling and motors screaming to go out in public! 

Amazing when we get someone that comes to us about getting down to business because when they see what we're working on and all the clutter (crap) they are like a kid in a candy store! And they are in disbelief when they see a totalled out rust bucket that we can fix!  That's it, nothing else to talk about in this category.


If you have a project car you want us to work on let us know what you need.   From floor replacement to full restorations we offer full service. We have 2 frame tables that we bolt  a car on and it stays bolted on the table until we're done with replacing sheet metal or frame sections.  We do repairs correctly so you never see the previous damage. We document with pictures of all the work that is done. Most of the pictures never make it to this web site.


Most of the cars we see from the 60's have the same type of rust and stress damage in the same areas. Since we work on so many of the same cars we know what to look for and how to fix it and then add structural supports to prevent the stress again. You have to remember than these cars a 40+ years old and have been raced, hit, have rust damage, twisted and teenized so now all these years later its important to build the car right or your wasting your money. Fact is the Camaro and Mustangs along with other cars were NEVER built to handle more than 400 hp.

Now its common for the custom builders installing 500-850 horse power!  They do little to support the main structure

and later down a dead end you will have problems.  You can't build a 2 story house on a structure that was built for a 1 story house! Go figure smarty pants.  A good example are the cars at the drag strip  taking off the line and the front end is off the ground and one side of the car is leaning the opposite side as the other. Well students can you figure out what is wrong with this picture?  The custom builders like to bolt on parts they find in catalogs, call it a day, brag about the performance and charge you double and hope they never see you again.

We do very little advertising, no hot shot shows, no Sema exposure and no press. We work from word of mouth and repeat business. Fact is most of our business comes from out of state and 65% from over seas. We build right hand drive Mustangs, soon the Broncos , Camaros and other rides will be available. Getting back to the facts when doing a car that is a custom build it has to been done in order, structure, performance and handling.

We also offer nationwide transport pick up.
Be sure to check out our current projects to see what we're working on. Some jobs come from build shops that don't have the capabilities of repairing extensive damage.
From your dreams to our designs we can build you a custom car! We have an artist that will draw a concept body panel to a complete car. Call us at 480-292-5426 to talk about what you want done.

                                           Thanks for choosing Desert Classic Restorations.